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  Anti-Theft, high-availability, and light backpack

It is a trendy school backpack style that works well with Anti-Theft Fabric and leather-finished to fit anyone and everyone.

The light backpack with a lower price can use in a various ways for travel and daily life.

If you purchase METODO backpack, you can take essential reliable components for your trip for customers.

RFID Skimming Block Pouch, Wire Lock, Laundry Pouch inside of bag.

A bag that reassure you of traveling a strange place.

It is a requirement to prepare for theft and loss when traveling abroad.
METODO bags include special materials that cannot be easily torn with a knife,
RFID skimming blocking pouch, simple and safe zipper locking system, useful hidden pockets, life-proofing features, and simple design.
It was firmly made for a more complete prevention of theft.

In fact, when you travel abroad,
you may easily see the signs of pickpocket signs around by famous tourist spots.
The tour guide asks you to take care of your belongings from the beginning to the end of your trip.

A perfect Anti-Theft bag away from a pickpocket target. 

For protecting the stealing from pickpockets, METODO’S bag has strong slash-proof that cannot be torn even by a knife.




We did cutting test both school backpack made by canvas fabric and Anti-Theft backpack by METODO’s
METODO’s Anti-Theft backpack was not easily able to tear by knife, so that it protects precious personal belongings from knife pickpockets.

LEVEL 4 is The European EN388 standard means the grade of the fabric which can withstand up to 20 times
when performing a test of cutting it under the experimental conditions of the same section and pressure.

  We, METODO, get various feedbacks from production line as well as constantly study and develop by having interesting on new fabrics.

Anti-Theft Wire Lock

Many overseas travel experienced traveler prefer and recommend as a necessary safe lock device “Wire Lock”.

It is easier to zip than the rough locks attached to a bag,
it is a perfect lock when considering the use of a bag in everyday life after a trip.

You can use it neatly when you hang a wire lock on the zip slider and put it in the hidden pocket.

Instead of purchasing extra size of Mesh pouch for laundry for trip,
METODO’s Backpack includes mesh fabric inside. It is foldable and highly utilized.
You can use a ring on top to hang comfortably in accommodation.

The METODO bag that has been highly estimated for quality can check the solidity when you see inside.

In addition, there is a pocket dedicated to keep the tablet PC by adding shockproof pads and elastic band inside to protect not moving.

Space detail size : 275 x 355 x 30 mm

The extra straps on strap controls are neatly arranged finished with elastic band for comfortably use.

Waterproof zip and zip cover can protect inside of bag more.

To have comfort and less fatigue in trip, back cushion provide breathable air mesh fabrics and thick pads for a longwearing comfort.

We deeply considered such details of bag in order to use long and sturdily.
Strong finishing materials on bottom minimizes damage of bag.

RFID Skimming Block Pouch, Wire Lock, Laundry Pouch inside of bag.

RFID Blocking Technology

Recently, there is an increasing number of electronic pickpockets using a portable card payment terminal [RFID scanner].
RFID scanner devices and smartphone apps are being used for financial crimes by easily stealing our personal information (banking information) by means of scanning our passports, credit cards, check cards, etc.

Favored Korean Passport in Overseas.

Korea Passport is the most favorite item to Pickpockets due to be easily allow entering 172 countries without tourists’ visa.

    In China and the Philippines, Korean passports have been traded illegally for quite large amount, so try to extra careful about the passport scan.

You may have a big financial loss due to your precious information that has been stolen
so easily even though you just slide by pickpockets before you know it.

If you purchase the METODO bag,
you can protect your valuable personal information with the RFID blocking pouch which is offered with it.

This is a test report on anti-RFID fabrics conducted by SGG, the world’s largest global certification authority.
    The METODO pouch is created by the use of fabrics judged to be suitable for all areas of RFID scanning.

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Product Name · TSL-701 ANTI-THEFT Light Backpack ·
Retail Price $89.00
Price $89.00
Product Summary TSL-701
Overview Slash Proof / Zipper Lock / RFID Blocking Pouch / Muiti Pouch
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