"The peak of anti-theft"

that protects your precious trips more perfectly

A bag to reassure you about theft accidents that may occur when traveling in strange destinations

The METODO bag is made for better anti-theft with a special material that can’t be torn easily with a knife,
a pouch with an anti-RFID skimming function, a simple but safe zipper locking system, a hidden pocket that can hide the lock,
a simple design that matches various styles, a waterproof function, and a convenient smart function.

#A special knife-proof fabric that can’t be torn easily with a knife

There are a lot of overseas travel reviews on pickpockets that tear travelers’ bags or
clothes with their knives and then steel their wallets in subways, trains, tourist attractions, etc. where there are many people.

Travelers are the most accessible targets for pickpockets using knives, etc.

It is made of a special knife-proof fabric that the front of the bag is not torn easily with the knife,
reassuring travelers while allowing them to concentrate on their trips.

Cutting tests have been carried out on products made of 5th grade/4th grade anti-knife fabrics.
You can safely keep your important belongings from pickpockets using cutter knives as the product is not torn easily with a knife.

#Anti-theft zipper & hidden pocket

It is designed to comfortably hang wire locks to the hook of all zipper handles in the bag.

It is more faithful to the protection by hiding locks in hidden pockets in order for them not to be easily exposed to the outside.

It is designed to minimize all the external pockets of the bag to batter prepare for theft and loss.

One more protection! Strap lock

A buckle that can be opened by pushing the button with both hands is used, making you safe from pickpockets.
In addition, an extremely durable buckle with high grade allows you to use it stably for a long time.


The inner fabric is finished with lining made by the METODO’s own that will make tis identity stand out,
so that it is pollution-resistant and does not deteriorate for a long time, making sturdy bags internally and externally.

The attached detachable key ring allows you to securely protect your keys without loss
when you stay in European accommodations where you are likely to use keys.
You can also hang a smartphone, a wallet, etc. as well as a key, reducing the risk of losing your precious items.

The built-in USB charging cable makes it easy to be used with your both hands.
There is a built-in USB charging cable inside the bag so that you can charge electronics anytime and anywhere
by plugging the cable into a port installed outside the bag.

You can use it conveniently with the speed pockets that are configured according to where you need them.

It is a crossbag that can be practically used in everyday life, company,
and campus, not limited to travel, due to minimal but plenty of compartments.

METODO's LOGO gives you even more special style as it is simply processed with foil emboss on solid leather.

Mesh fabrics with excellent breathability and fluffy pads are able to relieve your shoulder fatigue.

The necessaries essential to prevent theft as well as the bag are organized as a set.
A RFID blocking pouch that prevents electronic pickpockets and a secure three dial wire lock
will protect you from theft accidents during your journey.

#RFID Blocking Pouch

Recently, there is an increasing number of electronic pickpockets using a portable card payment terminal[RFID scanner].
RFID scanner devices and smartphone apps are being used for financial crimes by easily stealing
our personal information(banking information) by means of scanning our passports, credit cards, check cards, etc.

There is also a pouch for prevention of electronic pickpockets,
made of excellent fabrics with a RFID blocking function, organized with the METODO bag.

Electronic pickpockets hide RFID scanners in their bags or pockets and
then come up from behind targets to scan their personal information from passports, credit cards, etc. in the bag.
They also scan the personal information through illegal RFID scanning apps installed on their smartphones.

You may have a big financial loss due to your precious information that has been stolen
so easily even though you just slide by pickpockets before you know it.

If you purchase the METODO bag,
you can protect your valuable personal information with the RFID blocking pouch which is offered with it.

This is a video of conducting a test for RFID blocking performance through a RFID scan test app.

Please check the screen of your smartphone carefully.
When you bring your smartphone to your passport, the personal information contained in the passport
is immediately transferred to the smartphone through its app.

However, if you put your passport inside the METODO’s anti-RFID skimming pouch
and then perform the test, you can easily identify that the RFID scan test app does not respond.

This is a test report on anti-RFID fabrics conducted by SGG, the world’s largest global certification authority.
The METODO pouch is created by the use of fabrics judged to be suitable for all areas of RFID scanning.